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Regul8 Clubs

Regul8 Wellbeing and Activity clubs are currently for children in school years 2-6. These are two hour sessions that teach children about how their minds work, why they feel emotions and how to cope with big feelings.

At our activity camps, clubs and workshops; we go beyond just sports and games.

We focus on providing a nurturing environment where children can:

Explore their Emotions

Cultivate Self-Awareness

coping strategies

Life Skills

Learn Skills Through Play

Learn Mindfulness 


Have lots of fun!!

Each week we aim to cover a different emotion or topic. The sessions are flexible and can be adapted to the young people who attend. For example, if there is a need to cover anger, we can focus sessions around this emotion and strategies to manage it.

In our sessions we will briefly talk about the emotion, creating fun age related activities to find out more about one another and understanding that we all feel and behave in certain ways. We explore the link between how our thoughts affect our feelings and the impact our feelings have on our behaviour or choices we make.

This really helps the children to create connection and understanding with one another, which increases their empathy and relativeness to their peers as well as the Activity Leaders.

We then go through their current coping strategies in relation to the emotion. Here, this gives them an opportunity to reflect at how their emotions have impacted their behaviour and how this has rippled out and effected their parents/carers and friends. For example, anger. What does anger feel like, what is the function of this emotion, how do we recognise it in others, how can we cope, identify or soothe ourselves when this emotion arises.

We always end the sessions with positive coping strategies, how they can begin to use better alternatives to what they currently use and how this will positively impact their lives.

We always bring this into real life scenarios, ensuring the young people fully understand how to put it into practice when they are feeling a big emotion, at home, school or in everyday life.

Each month we will also be covering an important topic. This is completely lead by the young people and what they want to learn. This is all related to improving their mental well being.

For example, healthy eating, movement, healthy relationships, technology, friendship building, resolving conflict and much more!


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