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De-Stress Club

The De-Stress club is held at Loughborough Wellbeing Centre every Wednesday between 4-5.30 pm for young people in school years 7-9 and is available to be booked online.

We also hold two De-Stress Clubs on a Thursday during school time for a secondary school in Loughborough. This session is funded by People Zone and can be booked through the school directly.

The De-Stress Club was created to support young people aged 11-14. This is a safe space for young people to feel comfortable to talk about their feelings, with no judgment from others in the group. Here they learn about their mind and how their emotions impact the way they feel and behave. From our experience of working with this age group holding these sessions, we find that they have a willingness to learn and want to better understand their emotions and learn positive coping strategies.

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